›Pregnancy Rage

Over the past months, I have experienced an all new type of anger. I like to call it pregnancy rage. I am 7 months pregnant with my first child and have noticed a ton of changes. Most of these changes are physical. I have the worst acid reflux ever, and I actually pee every hour. Although these symptoms are annoying, pregnancy rage is scary for me and my husband.

Normally, I am a very silly and happy person, and if I do get angry, my normal response is to run away and cry. But, thanks to fluctuating pregnancy hormones, I have had a few angry out bursts like I have never experienced. I read about Jenny McCarthy’s experience with these episodes in her book Belly Laughs. It is funny to read about but not experience. Although there is a trigger to this rage, I know while I am upset the level of my anger is far greater than it should be. To know what you are doing is “crazy� and not being able to control your emotions can be frightening. Like last night, I kept tripping on the power cord to my husband’s computer. Instead of moving it out of the way, I yelled at the cord. Yes, it is frustrating to trip repeatedly, but it is no reason to yell.

Besides rage, I have had a few days of crying for no reason or times when everything makes me laugh. Luckily, I have not experienced too many of these mood swings during my pregnancy. I know many women have them bad, and I feel very sorry for them and their husbands.