To try and explain myself is a difficult task. This would require my mind to settle on one specific detail about myself, or I could ramble on for pages about all that has influenced my development and life.

So instead of this, I will tell you about what is important to me. First is my family. Everyone’s family has issues, but as I am getting older, I am coming to the conclusion that we are about as close to “normal” as I will ever see.

My husband and I met at college orientation. Immediately, I found him interesting, intelligent, and cute. Too bad at that time I was hung-up on some boy that would never grow up. For years, Scott was my best friend. Time passed and somehow we ended up getting married last Novermber on the beautiful beaches of Jamaica. We have 2 amazing, fuzzy persian kitties.

Along with my family, I find satisfaction in trying to help others solve or work through their problems. As a teacher, I listen to stories all day and gather more and more informatoin about the workings of the mind. Soon, I will hopefully be working in the school as a counselor which will provide me the opportunity to dive deeper into their issues.

My spare time is reserved for my family, but I will always manage to steal time to feed my insatiable mind.