›How do you stay organized?!

Does any one have any advice for me? I bought a thingy to put my appointments and phone numbers in, but I keep misplacing it. I had a PDA years ago. I never remembered to charge it so I continually lost any information I put in it. Is there a good mobile phone/computer/organizer that might be helpful?

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›Custom Website?

Lately, I have been heavily investigating websites for my real estate company. They all say the same thing…template sites + a lot of money for us to set it up + much more money if you want a “custom” site or “semi-custom”. How do they define those terms?

I know most people need help building a nice site, but is a site really custom if I can go buy a very similar site at templatemonster.com? For less than $70, you can download a template for a great looking website. Most of these templates are better than the custom ones I was told cost anywhere from $4000 and up to design plus a ridiculous amount to host and maintain.

So after weeks of trying to find a company to put together a complete solution for my real estate website, I got sold by Diverse Solutions. They answered all my questions the way I wanted and said they develop everything using true XHTML. When my site finally went up, it was not XHTML. When I mentioned this, the sales director proceeded to tell me “You don’t know what you are talking about”. Go to www.athomedallas.com and look at the source code. What does it say at the top of the page?

After the harsh and rude phone conversation where I was told to cancel my $4000 order before they do any work (they should have been working on it for over 2 weeks), my husband and I began to look at ways just to build our own site. To our surprise, we quickly found several of Diverse Solutions templates for sale on several different sites.

Now, this is really not a big deal except they made me feel like I was getting something unique and special. Not something I could download for $67 and put in some text and viola a website. I found many other companies that admit to buying these templates and using them to create your website. That is what I want…honesty. Using these templates is a great way to build a nice site. It gives you more time to worry about content and things like the CRM or lead management.

I am not trying to say there is no need for companies to provide website design. Many people have absolutely no idea what to do. Either way, these companies should be more open about what they are providing and realize this is the way to build a great company.

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›Desperately Seeking Pen

I have this pen…or should I said HAD a pen. The gel came out in thick lines that flowed evenly across my paper. I used it all the time to fill out forms and important documents because it looked so good.

Today I was using the pen to complete some paperwork for my practicum. The bell rang. I went to lunch and then came back to my next class. I reached to grab my pen which I had carefully placed under my keyboard to avoid theft or rolling onto the floor. It was not there.

I searched everywhere…my purse, behind my computer, the floor, in the stacks of paper that I have yet to grade, my filling cabinet, even the trash. It is gone. Where would it have gone? Did someone steal it. Why?

Now, I am left with my other pens which I don’t like because the are either the wrong color or the ink skips. I soon will have to go to the store and buy me another one. Do I get the same kind or are there better pens to use?

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›Rockin’ Phone

My husband bought me the prettiest phone last Christmas. It was the first pink RAZR available (not the pale pink or the one covered in pink plastic). Our service is through Cingular who did not sell the phone. So, he order this special phone unlocked from Asia. I was so excited! It even had Japanese numbers on the keys and came with a hot pink case.

I know Scott regretted buying me the phone after I was clipping the case onto my belt loop so everyone could see it. I had this hot pink thing bouncing off my hip, and it kept ringing “Hello Moto”. I laughed every time, and Scott dropped his head in embarrassment.

As the months pasted, new phones came out, and my phone no longer was that cool. It was still my favorite color and held special meaning since Scott bought it for me, but it also started to just flake out. Time for a new phone.

The search began. Since my last phone was pretty but did not do much else, I wanted to get a phone with some cool features. I wanted a good camera, good sound, and a way to play tons of music. We went to stores, and I would dash over to the flashy pretty phones. Scott would give me this look like I was a little kid about to do something I knew was wrong. I would slowly turn away and follow him to the phones that actually worked.

The problem is the phones with the gadgets were ugly. I didn’t want an ugly phone either. I was stuck. Pretty or handy? Now, as a guy, Scott did not understand why I had to think this over. The looks of the phone should not matter, but I would have to carry this accessory with me everyday! All the phones he pointed out were “boy phones”. I want a small, cute, but useful phone. This did not seem to exist.

Then, in total frustration of my RAZR turning itself off, I opened my mind and listened to Scott’s advice. He showed me this phone online with a 2 mega pixel camera and a memory slot that could hold as much music as I want. Wow! The camera really impressed me. I love pictures, but the phone was just black with orange buttons. I was not sold yet.

Maybe if I saw the phones in person, I could see if they are as ugly in person as they are online. So, we headed to the Cingular store. I walked in and asked to see a Sony Ericsson W810i and a pink SLVR (those are really cute). Phillip, our sales guy, opened the box and prepared the Sony for me to play with.

At first, I was a little confused with the buttons, but in seconds, I was snapping awesome pictures and jammin’ to the music. So what if it is just black with a few orange buttons. This phone rocks! It is tiny which makes it more feminine, and it has all the features I wanted. The perfect phone for someone who wants it all…style and functionality.

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